Volume 9 (2016)


Acknowledgement Global Health Action


Global Health in Action: A call for pictures Julia Schröders, Caroline Sutton

Original Articles

Missed opportunities in full immunization coverage: findings from low- and lower-middle-income countries María Clara Restrepo-Méndez, Aluísio J.D. Barros, Kerry L.M. Wong, Hope L. Johnson, George Pariyo, Fernando C. Wehrmeister, Cesar G. Victora
Climate change and health in Bangladesh: a baseline cross-sectional survey Md Iqbal Kabir, Md Bayzidur Rahman, Wayne Smith, Mirza Afreen Fatima Lusha, Abul Hasnat Milton
Defective support network: a major obstacle to coping for patients with heart failure: a qualitative study Parvin Mangolian Shahrbabaki, Esmat Nouhi, Majid Kazemi, Fazlollah Ahmadi
Factors associated with cognitive function in older adults in Mexico Jenny Miu, Joel Negin, Aarón Salinas-Rodriguez, Betty Manrique-Espinoza, Ana Luisa Sosa-Ortiz, Robert Cumming, Paul Kowal
Vietnamese mother’s conceptions of childhood overweight: findings from a qualitative study Loan Minh Do, Viveca Larsson, Toan Khanh Tran, Huong Thanh Nguyen, Bo Eriksson, Henry Ascher
Impact evaluation of a community-based intervention for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the slums of Nairobi: the SCALE-UP study Steven van de Vijver, Samuel Oji Oti, Gabriela B. Gomez, Charles Agyemang, Thaddaeus Egondi, Eric Moll van Charante, Lizzy M. Brewster, Catherine Hankins, Zlata Tanovic, Alex Ezeh, Catherine Kyobutungi, Karien Stronks
The application of a biometric identification technique for linking community and hospital data in rural Ghana Eliezer Ofori Odei-Lartey, Dennis Boateng, Samuel Danso, Anthony Kwarteng, Livesy Abokyi, Seeba Amenga-Etego, Stephaney Gyaase, Kwaku Poku Asante, Seth Owusu-Agyei
Involvement of stakeholders in determining health priorities of adolescents in rural South Africa Rhian Twine, Kathleen Kahn, Alexandra Scholtz Scholtz, Shane A. Norris
Knowledge and experiences of Chagas disease in Bolivian women living in Spain: a qualitative study Teresa Blasco-Hernández, Lucía García-San Miguel, Bárbara Navaza, Miriam Navarro, Agustín Benito
Fragmented implementation of maternal and child health home-based records in Vietnam: need for integration Hirotsugu Aiga, Vinh Duc Nguyen, Cuong Dinh Nguyen, Thi Tho Thi Nguyen, Lien Thi Phuong Nguyen
The path to impact of operational research on tuberculosis control policies and practices in Indonesia Ari Probandari, Bagoes Widjanarko, Yodi Mahendradhata, Hary Sanjoto, Ancila Cerisha, Saverina Nungky, Pandu Riono, Sumanto Simon, Muhammad Noor Farid, Sardikin Giriputra, Artawan Eka Putra, Erlina Burhan, Chatarina U. Wahyuni, Dyah Mustikawati, Christina Widianingrum, Edine W. Tiemersma, Bachti Alisjahbana
Global public health today: connecting the dots Marta Lomazzi, Christopher Jenkins, Bettina Borisch
Enablers and barriers for implementing high-quality hypertension care in a rural primary care setting in Nigeria: perspectives of primary care staff and health insurance managers Aina O. Odusola, Karien Stronks, Marleen E. Hendriks, Constance Schultsz, Tanimola Akande, Akin Osibogun, Henk van Weert, Joke A. Haafkens
Communication strategies to promote the uptake of childhood vaccination in Nigeria: a systematic map Afiong Oku, Angela Oyo-Ita, Claire Glenton, Atle Fretheim, Heather Ames, Artur Muloliwa, Jessie Kaufmann, Sophie Hill, Julie Cliff, Yuri Cartier, Xavier Bosch-Capblanch, Gabriel Rada, Simon Lewin
Interlinkage among cardio-metabolic disease markers in an urban poor setting in Nairobi, Kenya Tilahun Nigatu Haregu, Samuel Oti, Nicholas Ngomi, Christopher Khayeka–Wandabwa, Thaddaeus Egondi, Catherine Kyobutungi
Domestic violence and mental health: a cross-sectional survey of women seeking help from domestic violence support services Guilia Ferrari, Roxane Agnew--Davies, Jayne Bailey, Louise Howard, Emma Howarth, Tim J. Peters, Lynnmarie Sardinha, Gene Solomon Feder
The ‘community’ in community case management of childhood illnesses in Malawi Wanga Z. Zembe-Mkabile, Debra Jackson, David Sanders, Donela Besada, Karen Daniels, Texas Zamasiya, Tanya Doherty
Risk factors for incident HIV infection among antenatal mothers in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa Charles Bitamazire Businge, Benjamin Longo Mbenza, Verona Mathews
Community health workers can improve male involvement in maternal health: evidence from rural Tanzania Furaha August, Andrea B. Pembe, Rose Mpembeni, Pia Axemo, Elisabeth Darj
Characterizing the relationship between temperature and mortality in tropical and subtropical cities: a distributed lag non-linear model analysis in Hue, Viet Nam, 2009–2013 Tran Ngoc Dang, Xerxes T. Seposo, Nguyen Huu Chau Duc, Tran Binh Thang, Do Dang An, Lai Thi Minh Hang, Tran Thanh Long, Bui Thi Hong Loan, Yasushi Honda
Health worker preferences for performance-based payment schemes in a rural health district in Burkina Faso Maurice Yé, Eric Diboulo, Moubassira Kagoné, Ali Sié, Rainer Sauerborn, Svetla Loukanova

Review Articles

Obesity-promoting factors in Mexican children and adolescents: challenges and opportunities Magaly Aceves-Martins, Elisabet Llauradó, Lucía Tarro, Rosa Solà, Montse Giralt

Capacity Building

A comprehensive mapping of the current capacity for human nutrition training in Cameroon Roger Sodjinou, Ines Lezama, Marie-Louise Asse, Georges Okala, William K. Bosu, Nadia Fanou, Ludvine Mbala, Noel Marie Zagre, Félicité Tchibindat, Helene Delisle

Current Debates

Insights into Global Health Practice from the Agile Software Development Movement David Flood, Anita Chary, Kirsten Austad, Anne Kraemer Diaz, Pablo García, Boris Martinez, Waleska López Canú, Peter Rohloff


Special Issue: Monitoring Health Determinants with an Equity Focus

Finnish experiences of health monitoring: local, regional, and national data sources for policy evaluation Katri Kilpeläinen, Suvi Parikka, Päivikki Koponen, Tuulia Rotko, Timo Koskela, Mika Gissler
Assessing the relevance of indicators in tracking social determinants and progress toward equitable population health in Brazil Davide Rasella, Daiane Machado, Marcelo Eduardo Pfeirrer Castellanos, Jairnilson Paim, Celia Landmann Szwarcwald, Diana Lima, Laio Magno, Leo Pedrana, Maria Guadalupe Medina, Gerson Penna, Mauricio Lima Barreto
Analysis of selected social determinants of health and their relationships with maternal health service coverage and child mortality in Vietnam Hoang Van Minh, Kim Bao Giang, Luu Ngoc Hoat, Tran Thi Giang Huong, Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong, Nicole B. Valentine, Lee Hong Chung, Lee Hong Chung

Special Issue: Millennium Development Goals in Vietnam: the Progress and Social Determinants

Millennium Development Goals in Vietnam: Taking Multi-sectoral Action to Improve Health and Address the Social Determinants Hoang Van Minh, Juhwan Oh, Luu Ngoc Hoat, Jong-Koo Lee, Jennifer Stewart Williams
Trends and determinants of infant and under-five childhood mortality in Vietnam, 1986–2011 Hwa-Young Lee, Dung Van Do, Sugy Choi, Oanh Thi Hoang Trinh, Kien Gia To
Timely immunization completion among children in Vietnam from 2000 to 2011: a multilevel analysis of individual and contextual factors Dao Thi Minh An, Jong-Koo Lee, Hoang Van Minh, Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang, Nguyen Thi Thu Hoang, You-Seon Nam, Do Van Dung
Multiple vulnerabilities and maternal healthcare in Vietnam: findings from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, 2000, 2006, and 2011 Hoang Van Minh, Juhwan Oh, Kim Bao Giang, Vu Duy Kien, You-Seon Nam, Chul Ou Lee, Tran Thi Giang Huong, Luu Ngoc Hoat
Early sexual initiation and multiple sexual partners among Vietnamese women: analysis from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, 2011 Dinh Thai Son, Juhwan Oh, Jongho Heo, Nguyen Van Huy, Hoang Van Minh, Sugy Choi, Luu Ngoc Hoat
Household trends in access to improved water sources and sanitation facilities in Vietnam and associated factors: findings from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, 2000–2011 Tran Thi Tuyet-Hanh, Jong-Koo Lee, Juhwan Oh, Hoang Van Minh, Chul Ou Lee, Le Thi Hoan, You-Seon Nam, Tran Khanh Long
Hand washing behavior and associated factors in Vietnam based on the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, 2010–2011 Kien Gia To, Jong-Koo Lee, You-Seon Nam, Oanh Thi Hoang Trinh, Dung Van Do

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